Commitment to Workforce Development

Southcentral Foundation recognizes that engaged employees are committed to their employers; that when employees are committed, money is saved; and that when money is saved, more funds are available for services to improve the lives of customer-owners.


Southcentral Foundation Celebrates as Inaugural Class of SKC-SCF Dental Assisting Technology Program Graduates

On Jan. 24, the inaugural class of the new Dental Assisting Technology Program graduated.


Alaska Native Health Campus’ Newest Facility Receives Official Name

Southcentral Foundation’s Board of Directors passed a resolution naming the newest building on the Alaska Native Health Campus the Dr. Katherine and Dr. Kevin Gottlieb Building.

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Dental Assistant Technology Program

The Southcentral Foundation Dental Assistant Training Program is changing!


Congratulations to the May 2017 DAT Program Graduates!

Southcentral Foundation Dental would like to welcome the May 2017 SCF Dental Assistant Training Program graduates to the SCF team.