Former RAISE interns Jazmin and Toni Taylor are Tlingit, Athabaskan, and Ta’an Kwach’an — First Nations people of the Yukon Territory.

Sandy Cunningham is a lifelong Alaskan. She is married to her husband of nine years, Andrew, who also works at Southcentral Foundation.

Former Southcentral Foundation RAISE intern Tawnya Luppino worked for SCF in 1995. Back then, SCF didn’t have a formal internship program — in place was a pilot project to help students learn about career opportunities. Luppino learned to file documents and prepare for employee and board meetings.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors the Indigenous people of America and commemorates their shared history and culture.

Designed to develop leadership skills in Alaska Native and American Indian youth 14 – 19 years old, SCF’s RAISE program offers three separate sessions per year: summer, winter, and graduate programs.

Southcentral Foundation’s RAISE Program began in 1997. The program blends work experience while introducing participants to health-related careers.

Former RAISE intern Riley Stewman shares his story of growth and success in this first-person narrative of his journey with SCF.