SCF RAISE Program Interns Increase Job Prospects

By Public Relations Assistant Shamika Andrew

Southcentral Foundation RAISE interns increased their job prospects
by participating in writing workshops. During the summer program,
interns were introduced to different health care careers at SCF. Exploring
potential job opportunities offered resume guidance and inspiration for
them to outline their skills, education, and other strengths.
The interns learned team building, mentorship, personal financial
wellness, and portfolio development. They also participated in the Step-
Up to Writing workshop. Participants submitted four written essays that
aligned with SCF’s core competencies: customer care and relationships;
communications and teamwork; improvement and innovation; and skills,
abilities, and professional development.
Interns were shown different types of resumes that are available to use
and when to use them: chronological vs. functional vs. curriculum vitae.
RAISE interns were tasked to identify which resume best matches their
career interests. They also wrote a cover letter and drafted their resumes
to include their internships with the RAISE Program and other jobs they
have had in the past.
“The portfolio and resume activities helped me prepare for scholarship
applications and learn professional forms of communication,” RAISE
intern Ermelina Gonzalez said.
With the completion of the summer RAISE internship, participants
are better prepared to enter the job force and have an increased
understanding of writing, applying for a job, and professional
development skills. SCF is committed to guiding Alaska Native and Native
American youth on their journeys to adulthood and career success
through RAISE internships and other related programs.

For more information about RAISE Program, call (907) 729-5015.

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  1. Jonah F Revere
    Jonah F Revere says:

    YES. I personally hope the beast for the raise program. I hope there will be more opportunity’s in this program such as new worksites pay raises and cool new activity’s, and the dance competition that was there was phenomenal absolutely amazing and funny. just wish there was a rap competition lol. thank you for a good time and leading our native Alaskan youth to the stars and above SCF.

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