Dena A Coy

Dena A Coy Residential Treatment Program serves pregnant, parenting and non-parenting women who are experiencing problems related to alcohol and other drugs and experiencing emotional and psychological issues.

Services include individual addiction and mental health counseling, case management, and group counseling. Group counseling addresses a range of topics including parenting, domestic violence, anger, relationships, symptom management, anxiety and depression, relapse prevention, community recovery skills, life skills and health and wellness. The duration of the program is related to the level of care and is clinically driven.

Children under the ages birth to 3 may be considered for admission with their mother. If you are interested in participating in the program, complete and submit the forms below to the address, confidential fax, or email listed on the Referral for Admission Form:

For frequently asked questions, click here. For a list of what to bring to prepare for your stay, click here.

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