Adding Pediatric Support Teams to Primary Care

By Southcentral Foundation Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Well-child visits will include four or more appointments with integrated pediatric teams before age 3.

Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care is customer driven by and centered on family. Having the same primary care team for all members of your family fosters meaningful relationships. Knowing your family’s health history supports physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual goals across multiple generations. To support growing families, SCF is integrating pediatric support teams into primary care clinics.

Integrated pediatric support teams will be available in all primary care clinics and include a pediatrician, registered nurse case manager, certified medical assistant, and case management support. These child experts partner with your primary care team to support your child’s health from birth to adolescence to address questions or concerns regarding your child’s health or development. This means your child will see your family’s primary care provider for regularly-scheduled appointments and pediatric support team members at certain ages. However, families may request a pediatrician’s opinion at any time.

Your family currently benefits from integrated specialists such as dietitians, midwives, behavioral health consultants, and pharmacists. These specialists add support, improving the care your family receives. This similar approach allows children to stay empaneled to their primary care providers and have access to their integrated pediatric support teams, during recommended well-child check-ups and as needed throughout their development.

SCF started this journey in 2015 when the Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center hired its first integrated pediatrician. The integrated model received positive responses from families and employees who benefited from the added care. VNPCC now has integrated pediatric support teams for each primary care clinic. The continued success prompted the addition at Anchorage Native Primary Care Center, as well. Customer-owners at both locations can expect to have these established teams, ensuring all children at SCF receive consistent high-quality care.

As integrated pediatric support teams are added to clinics, children previously empaneled to SCF Outpatient Pediatrics will remain with their established pediatricians with the opportunity to join their family provider if desired. However, the check-in location may move to another clinic in the ANPCC.

By shifting pediatric support teams into primary care clinics, an additional 5,000 customer-owners from birth to adolescence gain access to specialized care. Below is a parent’s story of how pediatric support teams in primary care was helpful:

“Our family is so thankful for the care and support we have received from our primary care team and integrated pediatric support team. We have been able to see our primary care provider and the pediatrician during different occasions for all three. Having a certified medical assistant who specializes in pediatrics and makes them feel comfortable as they do their vitals and immunizations puts my mind at ease as a parent.

We as parents have been learning more about ways to keep our children safe and healthy. Our visits are no longer than usual, and I love having more expertise in caring for my children.”

To learn more about your family’s access to pediatric support teams, contact your primary care team directly.

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