Domestic Violence Awareness and Action Month


By SCF Public Relations

Southcentral Foundation’s Family Wellness Warriors Initiative hosted virtual learning events to raise awareness for National Domestic Violence Awareness and Action Month. The virtual commencement featured Alaska Native cultural performances and special guest speakers Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Amanda Price and Alaska Native Heritage Center Executive Director Emily Edenshaw.

Activities included webinars, radio interviews on KNBA, and traditional storytelling to break cycles of abuse for the next generation. The webinar discussion explored how latest data and evaluation outcomes show development of protective factors and the reduction of risk factors associated with domestic violence and child abuse.

FWWI seeks to address the devastating problems of domestic violence, abuse, and neglect in the Alaska Native Community. Its purpose is to equip organizations and individuals to effectively address the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical effects of domestic violence, abuse, and neglect.

Click below to hear the KNBA radio interviews focused on encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and relationships.

  1. A Template for Raising the Next Generation

    Listen to the values and stories passed down to a young girl growing up in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region. These stories highlight the Yup’ik value of raising children with positive encouragement.

  2. Walking Soft

    Hear the story of a girl’s experience as she walked on the soft tundra with her Lakota grandfather. She remembers the Indigenous values of connecting softly with others, discovering healing on the other side of our stories, and how our own healing whispers hope and promise to the next generation.

  3. When He Remembered He Was a Warrior

    Listen to the story of a Tlingit Elder who shares his journey of healing from addiction and how community helped him find his inner warrior.

  4. She Will Become the Words That You Speak

    Hear the story of an Alaska Native woman, who remembered the wisdom of her Cup’ik grandmother. Her grandmother’s words helped the young woman find hope amid her own struggles.