Graduate Intern Spotlight: Jasmine Ross

By Public Relations Specialist Esther Robertson

Southcentral Foundation Raise Program graduate intern Jasmine Ross.

Southcentral Foundation Raise Program graduate intern, Jasmine Ross, shares her experience as a college student and intern. Ross, whose Tribal affiliation is with Cook Inlet Region, Inc. and the Native Village of Eklutna, is a freshman in the pre-nursing program at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

“I decided to go into nursing is because I never really saw people from my background or who look like me in the medical field,” Ross shared. “I want to help other people of similar backgrounds feel comfortable knowing someone like them is there to take care of them.”

As a full-time student, Ross balances working in SCF’s OB-GYN clinic and meeting her school requirements. Her responsibilities at the clinic include checking in customer-owners, handing out supplies, managing schedules, and more. Ross uses the built-in study sessions provided through the internship to help meet her study needs.

After the internship, her goal is to work as a certified nurse assistant while completing the nursing program at UAA. Ross aspires to join the U.S. Public Health Corps as a nurse practitioner either in pediatrics or women’s health. She encourages Indigenous youth and shares the wisdom she gained juggling work and school.

“There will always be bumps in the road on your journey of your education and life. It is up to you where you want that road to lead,” Ross shared. “You have the power and strength to overcome anything you put your mind to.”

For more information about the Raise Program, call (907) 729-5015.

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