Southcentral Foundation is Here to Help Find Formula

Parents, we hear you! Finding baby formula is difficult right now, especially any specialty formula for babies with allergies or special nutrition needs. News came out today that the Similac factory had to close, once again, due to flooding with recent storms. Supplies have been improving locally and Southcentral Foundation is here to help you find formula. Similac, Enfamil and other companies have increased production to try to meet the needs of the babies in our country. If you need help feeding your baby, here are some resources that we recommend:

  • Do you also breastfeed? The SCF lactation team is here to help support you with any struggle related to breastfeeding including using a breast pump, increasing breast milk production and discomfort. They can also discuss with you, the process to restart breast milk production. They are a great resource to help you decrease your reliance on formula.
  • A new Facebook group called Alaska Mommas Looking for Formula has members in the community that post pictures of local supermarkets shelves. You can use these posts to help you find a store that may have the formula you need. You can also help other families by posting pictures when you visit a store.
  • Is your baby registered with WIC? WIC participants can use the WICShopper app and mail order vendor. The app will tell you the replacement formulas that are still covered. Contact your WIC office for directions on how to use the mail order vendor.
  • If you cannot find the formula you need, the SCF dietitian team can talk to you about alternative brands that can be used to safely substitute your baby’s formula, help request samples for your child, and even help scan the local resources to help you find a formula to feed your baby. Please feel free to call more than once. The resources we have one week could be different by the next week.

Other considerations:

  • Please avoid purchasing several weeks of supply at a time. Some of the shortage with formula right now is driven by over purchasing.
  • Do not add extra water to your baby’s formula to make it last longer.
  • If your child does not need a specialty formula, please only buy a regular term formula like Similac Advanced, Enfamil Infant or Gerber Good Start Gentle. Similac Advanced has been seen in abundance at certain stores around Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.
  • Avoid transitioning to cow’s milk or milk alternatives (soy milk, almond milk, etc.) prior to one year of age.
  • Avoid making homemade infant formula. While families have used these recipes for years, their use came with health complications that can affect development, increase risk for intestinal bleeding, and other more serious health concerns that may lead to hospitalization.

We know you are concerned, we will get through this together! We do not want your baby to go without. Please reach out to SCF or your child’s pediatrician if you need help by calling (907) 729-3300. You are not alone in this time.