Staying Active at the Elder Program is Easy

By SCF Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Elders shake a leg to live music during a Friday Elder jam.

Summer sunshine and warmer weather are not the only motivators to get moving at Southcentral Foundation’s Elder Program. Elder customer-owners once again have great activities to choose from this summer!

Many activities have returned to the Elder Program schedule, including daily hot lunch service, exercise classes, learning circles, games, gardening, and the opportunity to visit with friends and family.

Live music fills the room every Friday during the Elder jam lunch hour. The dance floor fills up, and Elders show their best dance moves.

Culture and traditions day is popular among Elders who work on projects while socializing with friends. Some come for the visit, while others enjoy having access to sewing machines. There are dedicated machines where Elders can work on sewing projects at the same time. The sewing corner is supplied with arts and crafts tools and equipment available for Elder use. The beautiful artwork produced on any arts and crafts day is a marvel.

With increased activities at the Elder Program, bus service to and from the Elder Program resumed. Elder customer-owners interested in transportation options can check with the Elder Program front desk for current bus schedules.

It is a short walk from the front door of the Elder Program to the garden, located at the end of the walkway. Benches placed along the walkway provide a nice rest area and the opportunity to take in the scenery and fresh air. In previous years, employees harvested the vegetables from the garden and included the veggies on the weekly food distribution.

Elders are invited to stay active and enjoy time with friends at the Elder Program, which is open Monday through Friday.

For more information about the services provided or volunteer opportunities at the Elder Program, call (907) 729-6500.