Emergency Training Returns to SCF Raise Program

By Public Relations Assistant Shamika Andrew

Emergency Trauma Technology training returned to the Southcentral Foundation Raise Program. The training is a 40-hour, hands-on course that teaches medical terminology, CPR, and the assessment and treatment of illnesses and injuries. This training is an opportunity for the program to introduce interns to the health care field. Participants earn a certificate of completion that meets the requirements for State of Alaska ETT or First Responder certification.

The Raise Program internship is now offered in person after two years of being virtual. Interns work in one of five project groups: academic achievers, college and careers, community development, health careers, and heritage and traditions.

In addition to cultural classes and skill building, interns gain experience working in a variety of departments and disciplines at SCF. Working alongside employees in different positions, interns gain new perspectives and opportunities for careers at SCF. Raise interns can use their work site experiences to decide whether they would consider working in those fields. Raise interns learn CPR during a summer session.

“The biggest thing I will take away from my current worksite is the importance of finding a career that I enjoy. For a very long time, I never understood the impact on my wellness in the work environment. I learned to prioritize my satisfaction and well-being in an ideal work environment,” Raise intern Ermelina Gonzalez said.

At the completion of the Raise internship, students are better prepared to enter the workforce having gained professional skills and hands-on experience at the work site, in the classroom, and during cultural activities. SCF is committed to guiding Alaska Native youth in their journeys to adulthood and career success through Raise and other related programs.

SCF’s Raise Program is designed to develop leadership skills in Alaska Native and American Indian youth 14-19 years. Raise offers three separate sessions per year: summer, winter, and graduate programs. For more information, call (907) 729-5015.

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