10 Summer Safety Tips

  1. Stay home if you’re sick
    Wash your hands often, and wear a mask to protect others in high-risk situations.
  2. Protect your head!
    Helmets can save your life in the event of an accident. Wear a properly fitted helmet when riding a bike, ATV, or skateboard.
  3. Kids don’t float
    Wear properly fitted life jackets when recreating on or near the water. Many park sites have personal flotation devices (PFDs) available for loan!
  4. Buckle up
    Buckle children into properly installed and fitted car seats.
  5. Be seen
    Wear reflective clothing near roads.
  6. Share your plans
    Make sure someone knows your plans and when you expect to return.
  7. Be prepared
    Travel with appropriate water, clothing, and equipment.
  8. Don’t overdo it!
    Limit your activities to what can be done safely. If things are starting to hurt, it’s a good sign to take a break or turn back.
  9. Bear (and Moose!) aware
    Stay alert, and respect the space of wildlife.
  10. Know your harvest
    Some poisonous plants and fungi can look like safe, harvestable types. If you don’t know for sure, let it stay, or ask someone to check!

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  1. Valerie King
    Valerie King says:

    I love this. Is there anything coming out seasonally? Or is this the only season article being produced for safety tips for Alaskan parents and kids. I miss being home in Alaska. I hope everyone is staying Covid free and safe. I am working on a business for Peer Support in Washington State. And eventually branching out to a nonprofit. There isn’t a Covenant house any where in the Washington’s, Oregon, or California districts. The closest one is in Alaska. Covenant House was a major factor for me in my teenage years. I desperately want to expand that down here. Our teens have barely any resources out here. And growing up, I mistakenly believed Alaska was behind the times in the rest of the lower 48s. I proudly would like to say Alaska is at least 10 years ahead of the times if not more, regarding social services, homelessness support, shelter programs and youth services. I know there is still a major need in all areas every where. But with the Alaskan Native Services up there you are all on a major roll and I just want you guys to know I appreciate everything I was apart of in my early years. The support that was given to me was undoubtedly the support I needed to become the person I am to help other people and services down here in Washington and hopefully the rest of the country. I want you all to know no matter what it may seem like now, and the pace the success rate is going the support that is offered to Alaakan Natives and other Alaskan residents has a major impact in people’s lives. And all the programs that SCF has needs to be expanded to Washington to help support all Alaskan natives who reside outside of Alaska. Since 13th Regional Corporation’s money was misused and misappropriated. I would hope that one of the other 12 regional Corporation’s would consider giving 13TH regional Corporation recessitiation and rebirth and a grand opening with supporti e efforts of the other Alaskan Corporation’s. Not only to show other states and other Indian Tribes that we as Alaskan Natives support our people and when one is down, we are there with a hand to help them up. It is sad that other Indians in Washington state do not acknowledge other Indian tribes or outside Washington state Indians and Alaska Natives. It breaks my heart to see our people allow our own people to fail mainly because they are not a native from their part of the country. What they fail to see is that is exactly what our government wants. They are excluding native people from receiving services and assistance that they desperate need. When they have the resources to help and they deny them and turnnthemmaway.turn them away. One thing I have ingrained in me from Alaska is to be there for others. Even when. I have been down at my lowest point, Alaska has taught me to help some one else with what I do have. And go that extra mile to be the leader in every area of my life. Alaska is at the top of the map, and it’s time we make our mark and show the country what Alaska is all about. The love, the support, the generosity, the non judgemental attitude, the hospitality, the northern exposure is what our country needs as a whole to stand united again, and no longer allowing the divided to fall. “United We Stand, Divided We Maintain, Together We Succeed” needs to be our new motto instead of the old “United we Stand, Divided we fall”, as an Alaskan Native I know our county needs us to save America from brinking on the verge of self destruction. America needs an Alaskan born, Alaskan raised, and an Alaskan Native to become president. Alaska has that “it” factor that can change the history of our country forever. We need an American Indian/ Alaska Native to get in the white house and take our country back. And show other American Indians that we don’t allow our people to fail. We don’t live in bitterness and allow other non Natives fail or corrupt our land. We embrace change and and welcome newness. We show them a better way to live, and offer our support. We kill them with kindness and don’t allow any negativity to infect our people or our land. Alaska is the biggest state in the country and with the least amount of population we are considered the most dangerous state with the rising crime rates. Those statistics are misleading to the lower 48s and it is time to put our hospitality on the map, and in the white house and give our country some Northern Exposure and lead by example. I would love to see one of our people become president of the USA. It’s what we need right now. American needs you Alaska. You have what it takes to save America from becoming crippled to the world’s influence in succumbing to the soon to be the NWO or the great reset as they call it. And it all starts with expanding our programs and giving the 13th Regoinal Corporation a rebirth and supporting other Alaskan Natives who reside outside of Alaska. Thank you for reading. Take Care Alaska, and I hope this falls on the eyes of someone very powerful who knows they are needed for a much bigger purpose than what they settle for in their life, and all they needed was this message to confirm that message and their visions.


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