Southcentral Foundation is pleased to improve communication of medical information through participation in the CommonWell network. This program will allow sharing of information such as, if you are in an emergency, your care team may locate pertinent health care information immediately, even when on vacation.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many customer-owners have met with their integrated care teams in the comfort and privacy of their own home, office, car, or even miles away. With a reliable internet connection or cellular signal via a smartphone, computer, or tablet, customer-owners can talk with a member of their integrated care team for many reasons.

Southcentral Foundation is committed to providing the best health care possible. Due to COVID-19, short-staffing, and the high volume of calls, phone wait times have been longer than normal at primary care facilities. While this prolonged process may cause delays and frustration, SCF has another avenue of health care management for customer-owners called MyHealth.

After decades as “beneficiaries” of an inefficient, underfunded federal health care system, Alaska Native and American Indian people were ready for radical changes in their health care experience. Southcentral Foundation’s origin story begins with groups of determined Alaska Native and American Indian people coming together and advocating for a voice in program planning and operations.

Did you know that even though a surface is clean, it may not be sanitized? It is important to stay vigilant against COVID-19 by practicing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations and keeping your household clean and sanitized.

Many holiday traditions include a family dinner or sharing sweets. While cooking and baking, it is important to practice food safety to prevent food
poisoning. Here are some precautions to take as your family prepares feasts and treats.

“Fire, fire, fire!” the crew yelled, as the entire battleship shook, and black smoke encompassed their surroundings.

The ancestors of this vast arctic land harnessed it using only organic materials and pure ingenuity. This season, win at winter by applying the same concepts of innovation, using many of the materials you already have.

SCF provides opportunities for customer-owners to build community and support one another by offering virtual learning circles. Learning circles are core to SCF’s mission of working together with the Native Community to achieve wellness through health and related services.

Southcentral Foundation, in partnership with Knik Tribal Council and Chickaloon Village Traditional Council, is expanding the Four Directions Outpatient Treatment Center to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.