Benteh Nuutah Four Directions Hosts Second Bridging Ceremony

The second bridging ceremony was held on March 17 for customer-owners who recently completed their outpatient treatment at Benteh Nuutah Four Directions. Participants were invited to celebrate their new paths with family and friends.

A bridging ceremony is a day to honor the transformation from treatment to living in recovery. This commemoration was previously called graduation but has evolved to a different philosophy as graduation from addiction doesn’t exist and instead is a commitment that may include bridging back to treatment.

Each bridging ceremony includes a speech by the participant, and opportunities for employees, friends, and family to speak as well.

“This treatment program was designed to push you out of your comfort zone, not to make you fail, but to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed in your life and attain the goals you have,” Clinical Supervisor Rachel Franzen shared.

Benteh Nuutah Four Directions has a strength-based philosophy, which is unique in the recovery community.  The clinic’s primary goal is to reduce the rate of substance use through promoting individual therapy and counseling, family wellness groups, and promoting early access to care with an integrated care team approach. Program participants work with providers to create a customized plan to support their healing journeys. The integrated care team of health professionals encourage individuals to take control over their lives as they navigate mental health and substance use challenges.

“This program philosophy has centered around your goals and your path to creating a healthy, happy life full of joy, connection, meaning, and purpose,” Franzen said. “That cannot be done through anything short of hard work, but that is the work you have done, and it has allowed you to sit before us all today.”

For more information, please call (907) 631-6300 or click here. Benteh Nuutah Four Directions Outpatient Treatment Center programs are available for all members of the community, ages 18 and older and offers a sliding scale fee for those who are eligible.

Benteh Nuutah Four Directions Outpatient Treatment Center held its second bridging ceremony.