Health Insurance is Important to Include on Your Back-to-School Checklist

By Senior Public Relations Specialist Tara Carey

Customer-owners, including their family and community members, can receive guidance and assistance with health insurance enrollment and renewals from Family Health Resources.

As families prepare their households for back-to-school schedules and fun, applying for or renewing health insurance can save money and time.

Many families are scheduling  appointments, including school physicals, hearing, vision, and dental checks before the start of school. These routine appointments for Alaska Native and American Indian customer-owners who utilize Indian Health Service at Southcentral Foundation, the cost of most health appointments are covered, which can make things seem effortless.

During routine appointments, there may be items not covered or provided by IHS alone. Having health insurance provided through your job, Denali KidCare, Medicaid, Medicare, or the Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program can bridge gaps in coverage and help avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

Health-related services or expenses sometimes not covered by IHS or that have out-of-pocket costs are:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Braces and other dental appliances
  • Emergency transportation
  • Non-emergency visits at non-Tribal facilities
  • Medications not carried or available at the nearest Tribal health facility

Establishing health insurance can increase your health coverage options. SCF Family Health Resources provides guidance and support with the health insurance enrollment and application process. FHR screens customer-owners for health insurance options and assists and advocates for them throughout the enrollment process. Services provided by FHR are available to customer-owners, their families, and community members and include support with health insurance renewals. Medicaid and Denali KidCare renewals are crucial this year since the emergency status of the COVID-19 pandemic has ended and the criteria to qualify for coverage has returned to pre-pandemic standards.

If the unexpected occurs and your health insurance is in place, you may have more options to address health-related issues as they arise. You may also minimize the financial impact of unanticipated health occurrences by having added health coverage in place.

Applying for and establishing health insurance for yourself and your family can cover some of the items on your back-to-school checklist and others throughout the year.

For more information about Southcentral Foundation Family Health Resources or for assistance with health insurance enrollment and renewals, call (907) 729-4470 in Anchorage or (833) 729-4470 for other areas in Alaska, Hawaii, and contiguous states.

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